The NHS marks its 73rd birthday

Today the NHS marks its 73rd ‘birthday’ after a year like no other. It has been an extremely challenging year for our CCGs, primary care, our local trusts, our partner organisations and the wider NHS. But this has also been a year of hope.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals across the country have cared for around 400,000 seriously ill Covid patients, including more than 100,000 admitted in January alone, along with millions more besides.

It is important to acknowledge the incredible hard work of staff in our local NHS Trusts who have faced tremendous challenges but have continually gone above and beyond to support patients.

At the same time the NHS has rolled out the biggest vaccination programme in our history, the fastest in Europe and most precise in the world.

Locally, the hard work of our Primary Care Networks, GP practices, CCG staff, local authority and third sector colleagues as well as all the amazing volunteers has ensured high take up rates of the vaccine across our local communities.

Whilst marking all that the NHS and our partners have achieved, we will also remember those who have lost their lives to Covid. Not just in the NHS, although there will be particular resonance for colleagues, but all those who have been taken too soon.

As we mark the NHS birthday today, we want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who has supported the NHS in Halton and Warrington and our local communities throughout this past year – you have helped make a difference.


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