Care at the Chemist

Ask your community pharmacist about the local NHS Minor Ailments Scheme in Halton - called "Care at the Chemist".

Care at the Chemist is a minor ailments scheme, which means eligible patients can receive advice and treatment for a range of conditions direct from their pharmacist rather than going to their GP.

If you don’t pay for prescriptions, then any medication provided under the scheme will be free of charge and because your pharmacist is available on your local high street it’s a quick and accessible service.

How do I receive treatment?

The scheme is open to anyone who is registered with a GP in Halton.

If you are suffering from a minor ailment just call into your local pharmacy and ask about the scheme, and if you need more privacy you can request a private consultation, usually without an appointment.

The following conditions can currently be treated by this scheme:

 Allergies  Indigestion
 Athletes foot  Infant colic
 Coughs, colds and sore throats  Mouth ulcers
 Cold sores  Minor eye infections
 Constipation  Minor skin reactions
 Cystitis  Nappy rash
 Diarrhoea  Nasal congestion
 Ear wax  Oral Thrush
Headache Teething
Pain or temperature Threadworm
Haemorrhoids Thrush (genital)
Headlice Warts and verrucas

You can search for your closest Pharmacy by using the NHS Find a pharmacy option.

Can I still see my GP?

Yes you can still see your GP in the normal way. Using the scheme does not prevent you from seeing your doctor, but using it for minor conditions can give the doctor more time to deal with patients with more serious illnesses.

What treatments are provided?

Your local pharmacist is able to give advice on a range of conditions and if appropriate can supply a medicine from an agreed list to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition. Please be aware not all medicines are suitable for all age groups but your pharmacist will be able to advise as appropriate.

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