As leaders, we are responsible for monitoring our own performance and the performance of providers who deliver services throughout the borough. 

NHS England introduced the Oversight Framework for CCGs (NHS OF) in August 2019 which replaced the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (CCG IAF) - although many of the performance metrics remain the same. 

The NHS OF outlines the joint approach NHS England and NHS Improvement will take to oversee organisational performance and identify where commissioners and providers may need support. It aligns key objectives and priorities from the Five Year Forward View, NHS Planning Guidance and Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) which are all driven by the pursuit of the “triple aim”: 

(i) improving the health and wellbeing of the whole population

(ii) better quality for all patients, through care redesign

(iii) better value for taxpayers in a financially sustainable system. 

From 2020/21, the metrics for oversight and assessment purposes will include the headline measures described in the NHS Long Term Plan Implementation Framework against which the success of the NHS will be assessed. These Long Term Plan measures will be used as the cornerstone of the mandate and planning guidance for the NHS for the next five years.

  • Better Health: This looks at how the CCG is contributing towards improving the health and wellbeing of its population, and bending the demand curve
  • Better Care: This principally focuses on care redesign, performance of constitutional standards, and outcomes, including in important clinical areas
  • Sustainability: This section looks at how the CCG is remaining in financial balance, and is securing good value for patients and the public from the money it spends
  • Leadership: This domain assesses the quality of the CCG’s leadership, the quality of its plans, how the CCG works with its partners, and the governance arrangements that the CCG has in place to ensure it acts with probity, for example in managing conflicts of interest.