COPD inhaler guidance and support materials

pdf NHS Halton CCG COPD Inhaler Guide (365 KB)

pdf NHS Halton CCG Inhaler Identification Guide (288 KB)

Videos and information on how to use inhalers.

Metered Dose Inhaler

Easyhaler inhaler

Ellipta inhaler

Respimat inhaler

COPD rescue packs

pdf COPD Rescue Pack Guidance v2 (270 KB)

pdf Patient leaflet Doxycycline v2 (281 KB)

pdf Patient leaflet Amoxicillin (281 KB)

COVID-19 Local MMT Guidance 

Local COVID-19 guidance that has been previoisley circulated by the Medicines Management Team

Diabetes meter choices

pdf HCCG First Choice Meter support doc v30 June 2018 (185 KB)

HCCG repeat prescribing guidelines and audit tool

pdf HCCG Repeat Prescribing Guidance v2 20 06 18 (489 KB)

pdf HCCG Repeat Prescribing Practice Audit v10 20 12 18 (282 KB)

Hospital only drugs

pdf Hospital only drug recording guidance (335 KB)

Lost or Stolen Prescriptions

For all lost and stolen scripts please ensure you complete the attached template with as much information as possible and send through to the designated mailbox This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Management and control of prescription forms

pdf Management and control of prescription forms - v1.0 March 2018 (1.40 MB)

Medicines supply issues 

Supply issue update for primary and secondary care

Registered users can access the monthly drug availability update for primary and secondary care produced by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), on the Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) website.

Please note you must be registered with SPS, with the relevant permissions, and logged in to view this page. Click on 'sign in' in the top right hand corner at

Register onto the Specialist Pharmacy Service.

Medicines Shortages Guidance

 pdfMedicines Shortages Guidance V1 (285 KB)

Multi-compartment compliance aids FAQs for prescribers

pdf Multi Compartment Compliance Aids FAQs for prescribers  (249 KB)

Palliative care prescribing

pdf Halton Algorithms Review 2019 v20 (962 KB)

Proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) step down

pdf PPI step down PIL v1.0 October 2017 (662 KB)

RAG rejection and repatriation letter templates

document HCCG RAG Rejection patient letter (20 KB)

document HCCG RAG Repatriation Letter (73 KB)  

document HCCG RAG Rejection Letter  (73 KB)

Vitamin D guidelines & PIL

pdf HCCG Vitamin D Guidance v10 20 12 19 (171 KB)